Thursday, May 19, 2005

Furniture That Flushes!

My apartment stinks (both literally and figuratively) and I hate looking for a new one by myself. I need someone there to give me feedback and tell me things; like despite the cheap rent, five foot high ceilings or velcro floors are probably not the best choice. Okay, well maybe those are exaggerations but I did see an apartment where the landlord told me the bathroom had been "split up" due to remodeling. What this meant, as it turned out, was that while the shower was enclosed in it's own room (actually more like a closet), the toilet was freestanding on one side of the living room. No walls around it or anything (well, it was up against a wall, complete with attached toilet paper holder, but you know what I mean), just all out in the open like a piece of furniture. Furniture that flushes. As for the sink, well there's already one in the kitchen. Why do you need two? I couldn't tell if the guy really didn't think any of this was weird or if he was just trying to convince me that a living room toilet would be a fun! novelty! item! that would make me the hit of the party. Either people here are doing too many drugs, or I'm not doing enough.


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