Monday, May 16, 2005

Festering Feet... Now with Summer Rain Floral Freshness!

I'll probably be moving to a new apartment when my lease is up here in August. I don't love this place like I loved my last apartment and I am growing less and less enamored with my immediate neighbors and the building in general. The building smells funny and I know that's really weird but it bothers me. It's a strange combination of stale cigarettes, boiled meat, mildew and festering feet. There was some construction going on when I moved in, so everything smelled like paint and sawdust and new carpet. But once that dissipated, there's just this weird lingering fetid organic smell. I tried some of those plug in air fresheners, but that resulted in a lingering organic fetid smell with new Summer Rain floral freshness which was even more hideous.

But one of the bigger problems is my next-door neighbor. She's obnoxious and loud and has vicious fights with her boyfriend in the middle of the night. It's fun to be awakened on a regular basis by people screaming obscenities! Then they have the make-up sex. Let's just say the walls here are really thin and I know waaaaay too much about how she likes it. But the really fun thing was when the bounty hunters showed up looking for her at two o'clock in the morning a couple of weeks ago. It seems she had been on house arrest and had violated her parole or something. I should tell you this girl is nineteen years old, so I really wonder what she did to merit the deployment of bounty hunters. I'm guessing it wouldn't be for unpaid parking tickets. Anyway, I'd like to live someplace where I can sleep at night and where I don't have to know so much about my neighbor's unsettling fetishes and arrest record. All suggestions welcome.


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