Wednesday, May 25, 2005

And in the Cause and Effect Department...?

Words Containing Amy: Chlamydia and Monogamy. Discuss.
In other news, damn Old Navy and their catchy jingles! I had SuperSkirt! haunting my dreamless sleep last night. Look outtasight, day or night! The skirt's all riiiight, yeah. Hey hey hey hey! SuperSkirt, Superflirt! It's SuperSkirt-y, yow. I want to stab myself in the ear so I won't be able to hear it anymore. Argh! However, I'm left wondering if these are very kinky skirts, the kind you don't take home to Mother. In any case, it'd be a lot more entertaining if Dave Chapelle made an appearance at the end of the commercial to declare, "I'm Rick James, bitch."


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